What Does a Commercial Roof Consultant Do?

flat roof with some water stains

What is a commercial roof consultant?

Buying a roof for a commercial building isn’t like buying a new copier or choosing a coffee vender. Commercial roofing is more expensive to start with and the idea is to get a long useful lifespan from the roof. That is where a commercial roof consultant comes into the picture. 

A commercial roof consultant will provide you expert guidance on how the design and build of your commercial building roof for a new build. For an existing roof that is problematic, a commercial roof consultant will advise whether to repair or replace the roof. 

If a new roof is determined, the consultant will guide you through the process of choosing the right type of roofing material for your commercial building. Most commercial roof consultants have never been on the installation end of commercial roofing, it is ideal if you can bring your consultant and roofing contractor together to combine their expertise and skills. 

What does a roof consultant do?

A commercial roof consultant keeps the planning process in order with their organization expertise to provide you a useful and long-lasting roof. They have an unbiased opinion and system selection when it comes to product, putting your needs ahead of the roofing contractor, but they will seek advice and suggestion from the contractor. 

Why do you need a commercial roof consultant?

Do you need both and which one do you take your final advice from, the commercial roof consultant vs roofer? It is obvious the roofing contractor is the hands-on person, but let’s clarify what you can expect from a commercial roofing consultant: 

  • Roof inspection and survey to determine the useful life of existing roof
  • Analyze any leaks to determine the cause
  • Specification for roof replacement projects in writing
  • Quality assurance inspections during installation
  • Construction consulting during any insurance claims
  • Roof asset management 
  • Overwatch contractor bids during the bid process
  • Building designs and inspections
  • Moisture survey and analysis
  • Expert witness during litigation

What is the useful life of a commercial roof?

A commercial roof that is professional installed and maintained as recommended by the manufacturer, the average lifespan for a commercial roof can range from ten to forty years. The variances in the lifespan range is based on several factors: 

  1. Installation: If the roof isn’t installed correctly, the lifespan is shortened. Hiring an experienced commercial roofing contractor is always recommended. 
  2. Slope: The roof slope, or lack of slope, will determine how water pools or sheds which will affect the roof’s lifespan. 
  3. Ventilation: All roofs need proper ventilation under it to  prevent heat and moisture build-up. A roof that has moisture under it will rot the roof decking and cause mold growth. 
  4. Maintenance: Routine commercial roof inspections and proper maintenance can prevent small problems growing into bigger problems. 
  5. Weather: When you have experienced harsh weather roof damage, you need to file an insurance claim. A commercial roof consultant can be help in filing the claim.  

What is the best material to use for flat roofs?

Commercial roof consultants and roofing contractors recommend PVC over other roofing materials. It is the more expensive roofing material over other single-ply materials, but the benefits balance that price. 

  1. Reinforced membrane makes for impact resistant, crack resistant roofing
  2. Low maintenance 
  3. Reflective white roofing lowers energy expenses 
  4. Reflective white roofing eases workload on HVAC system

How long do rubber roofs last?

An EPDM rubber roof is made from recycled rubber and when installed correctly, with proper maintenance, can provide coverage up to fifty years or longer. 

flat black roof

What is the longest lasting roofing material?

Metal is one of the most recommended material for commercial roofing material by commercial roof consultants and roofing contractors.  With expert, professional installation process, while it is the most expensive, it has the longest lifespan up to thirty years. 

TPO is another popular roofing material that commercial roof consultant recommend in many cases. It is inexpensive with a decent lifespan up to twenty years. The white-coating is UV reflective, an energy saving benefit, and unlike EPDM, there is little maintenance because of the heat welded seams. 

Modified Bitumen is often compared by a commercial roof consultant because of the budget-friendly price range. With an asphalt membrane base, it is subject to blister and crack sooner than other roofing materials, giving it a shorter lifespan of ten years. 

If you aren’t sure how to find a commercial roof consultant, an internet search is easy and fast. You can also ask your insurance company for recommendation and some roofing contractors may offer names of ones they have worked with in the past. 

Just like a roofing contractor, or any profession, a commercial roof consultant will have a fee for their services. You should get a few quotes that state the fee and what is included for the fee charged. Most will offer a contract, if not, ask for one, especially if they are going to represent you legally. Call 513-342-8544 today for your commercial roof consultation.