Affordable Infrared Roof Inspection

Our Experts Can Perform Your Scan Quickly.

Infrared Moisture and Leak Scans Provide Accurate, Comprehensive Results for Complete Repair.

If you have a commercial building, knowing the state of your flat roof is very important. Typically, flat roof inspections have been performed by a contractor walking around on your rooftop and telling which areas of the roof seem weak. However, we’re now using modern technologies to efficiently survey your roofing for damages without walking all over it. If your commercial flat roof may have a leak, it’s vital to locate it swiftly with the assistance of an infrared roof inspection in Cincinnati, OH. Contact our experts at 513-342-8544 to schedule a technologically advanced assessment of your roof.

Infrared Roof Leak Detection

So what’s an infrared roof inspection? If a leak is indicated on your roof system, you can count on us to use this technology to not only tell you how much damage is on your roof, but also exactly where the leak began. It used to be rather expensive to spend hours searching a rooftop for leaking damages, but because infrared roof leak scans are extremely fast and easy, the cost is much more affordable than you might think. Infrared technology enables us to locate the moisture on your roof without utilizing invasive methods. This means that we will be able to fix your roof before there is major damage to the roof or the building underneath. An infrared roof inspection will additionally show us which parts of the roof system have been weakened, as well as which parts have not.

Affordable Infrared Roof Moisture Scans

If you’re considering new buildings to buy, our services are additionally a smart solution to consider prior to the purchase, since will require after purchase. An expert infrared roof leak survey is the smartest and quickest way to ensure the roofing is in good condition, and will still to be in the near future. To find out more about infrared roof leak detection and our other services, give us a call today at 513-342-8544! Our specialized roofers are waiting to provide you with affordable infrared roof inspection in Cincinnati, OH and the surrounding cities.