The Right Roof for Your Home

When it’s time to choose a residential roof material, your options can seem never-ending. However, with such a wide variety to choose from, chances are that there is a roofing material that fits your every need. Knowing a little about your options can help you get on the right track to find it.

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Shingle Selection

Believe it or not, even shingles have a plethora of options in today’s market. From color options to style choices, the selections go on forever. These basic guidelines refer to the most popular shingle selections.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are still the most affordable selection of any type, and present average resistance to weather, debris, and other dangers. If your home is located in a region with little severe weather, these shingles may be great for you.

Impact Resistant

These shingles are available in almost as many colors and textures as standard asphalt shingles but have been quality tested to withstand phenomenal impact pressure. If you live near a forested area or have a lot of hail, this material could be very beneficial.

Architectural Shingles

When you want a little extra in the appearance of your shingles, this option is for you. These shingles deliver an undeniable dimensional appearance and resist weather and outside hazards slightly better than standard shingles.

Synthetic Shingles

When you want extra protection and the look of premium materials like tile, wood, or slate, these shingles are the ideal selection. They offer extreme resistance to weather and water, and can even offer protection from UV rays.

Metal Options

Metal roofing is available in multiple types and styles, from traditional metal sheets to stone coated metal shingles that can appear as wood, slate, or tile. Metal roofing is known for being unbeatably durable and low maintenance but does cost more upon installation.

Wood Shakes

If you’re going for aesthetics, this is the roof you’ve been looking for. No other roofing material can provide the pure, natural beauty and durability of a wood roof. However, the price tag is hefty with this material as is the maintenance requirement. But, if properly taken care of, your roof could last decades without losing its appeal.

Your residential roof options go on and on, each offering separate advantages and benefits. The Allstate Roofing, LLC roofing professionals can offer accurate material information along with flawless installation so you can be sure you will always end up with a residential roof you love. Call us now at 513-342-8544.