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Are Architectural Shingles Worth Extra Cost?

If you are looking to add more curb appeal or value to your home, there are a couple of things you can do. Exterior painting in Cincinnati, OH is a great way to elevate the look of your home in an easy way, but if you want to take it to the next level, the best way to update your home is investing in new roofing. The most popular type of roofing for a residential property is roof shingles, so people who are interested in new roofing might be wondering, “What is the best type of roof shingles?” There are several types of roof shingles on the market, with a great one being architectural roof shingles. You may be wondering what are architectural roof shingles, and the answer is that architectural roof shingles, also known as laminate or dimensional shingles, are asphalt roof shingles that are two or more asphalt shingles laminated together to create a dimensional look.

Three Roof Peaks Stacked On Top of Each Other

Architectural Roof Shingles Are a High-Quality Roofing System That Offers a Lot of Benefits.

The first time that architectural shingles were manufactured, they were developed to look like cedar shakes. Cedar shake roofing is very beautiful but they are expensive and need a lot of maintenance, so architectural shingles were created to mimic the look of cedar shakes so that homeowners had the look of shingle without the maintenance or the cost. Because they are a type of asphalt shingle, they are going to be a lot less expensive than other shingles like metal, slate, tile, or wood, but still, give your home an elegant look. So when people ask if architectural roof shingles are worth the cost, the answer is yes. Its the perfect shingle because its made of high-quality materials but it’s going to be a lot more affordable than other shingle roofs.

Architectural Roof Shingles Vs 3-Tab

When it comes to asphalt shingles, there are only two types that you can choose between, architectural shingles and 3-tab shingles. Many people who are interested in asphalt shingle roofing may want to know what’s the difference between architectural shingles and 3-tab shingles? While architectural shingles are made of two or more pieces of various shapes and sizes, 3-tab shingles are only one shingle tab and it only comes in one size and shape. It’s important that when choosing an asphalt shingle roof, you know what the benefits are. Below are the benefits of architectural roof shingles and 3-tab shingles.

Architectural Shingle Benefits

  • They are a pretty sturdy and heavy material, but they don’t need an extra layer because they actually lessen the load on your roofing system.
  • Architectural shingles can mimic the appearance of both slate and wood roofing.
  • They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors.
  • They are able to maintain or add more value to your home.
  • Architectural roof shingles just keep getting more and more popular.
  • They are able to withstand severe winds.

3-Tab Shingle Benefits

  • These types of shingles are very light, so they don’t put a lot of weight on the roof.
  • 3-tab shingles are the most affordable asphalt roofing system.
  • They have a very uniform look which a lot of people like.
  • Because they have a very simple style, they are easy to take care of.
  • They are also very easy to repair.
  • 3-tab shingles come in a lot of colors.

So, are architectural shingles better? It’s all going to depend on what you are looking for in a roof. Some people want a roof that isn’t going to cost a lot, so they will want to go with the 3-tab shingles. But people who are looking to make an investment for their roof will usually go with the architectural shingles. These types of shingles are going to last longer than 3-tab shingles, so while they might cost more upfront, you are going to make your money back over time due to how long they will last.

How Long Do Architectural Shingles Last On a Roof?

A Home That Has a New Roof Being Installed

Architectural Roof Shingles Are Able To Last Up To 30 Years.

For a long-lasting asphalt shingle roof, you can’t go wrong with architectural shingles. The biggest drawback for asphalt is that it isn’t able to last as long as metal, slate, or tile, and while that is mostly true, it depends on the asphalt shingle roof that you invest in. 3-tab shingles are only going to last 12 to 15 years, so a lot of people may think it’s not a good investment since it doesn’t last that long. Architectural shingles, on the other hand, can last upwards of 30 years. Sure it doesn’t last as long as metal, slate, or tile, but once 30 years rolls around, you will have made back the money you invested in the roof and at that point, you will probably want to replace the roof with new roofing material.

Best Architectural Roof Shingles

If you are interested in architectural roof shingles installation for your home, it’s good to know what manufacturers produce the best architectural shingles. What is the best brand of asphalt shingles? There are a lot of great roofing manufacturers who create some really outstanding architectural roof shingles, with a few of those being.

For homeowners who want architectural shingles installed on their roof, call Allstate Roofing, LLC at 513-342-8544 for premium roofing in Cincinnati, OH. We will be able to help you find the best architectural roof shingles that meet your budget and make your home look amazing.

5 Exterior Home Updates That Add Value and Appeal

Sometimes when people are wanting something different from their homes, they think that buying a new home is the most logical step. However, remodeling your home can be just as effective, especially if you love the neighborhood you live in, your neighbors, and your house but you want a change, then a home exterior remodel could be the best fit for you. A lot of people want to know the home exterior makeover cost, but it is all going to depend on what part of the exterior of your home that you are going to update. Replacing your whole roof is going to be somewhere in the high thousands, close to $6,000 or more whereas siding might be $10,000 or more. Of course, when you do choose to get an exterior home to remodel, you don’t have to do it all right away; you can do one remodel project at a time. If you are still unconvinced that an exterior home remodel is the best solution for you, here are some of the benefits of exterior remodeling for your home.

  • Better Curb Appeal: When you update the outside of your home, you are looking at increasing the curb appeal of your home.
  • More Security: Upgrading your home not only increases your curb appeal, but it can also add a lot more security. This is usually true for when you install newer windows, locks, and doors.
  • Increase in Energy-Efficiency: As homeowners, we are always looking for ways to make our homes more energy-efficient, and we are able to do that with a new roof, windows, and even siding.
  • A decrease in Maintenance: Have you been wanting your home to be a little more low maintenance? You can achieve this by updating the materials that your home uses.
  • Improved Property Value: If down the road you do want to sell your home, having it remodeled can definitely increase the value of your home.

Whether you want a bi-level home exterior remodel or a mobile home exterior remodel, it can be accomplished when you hire the right contractor. If you are interested in an exterior home remodel, but aren’t sure where to start, we have home exterior makeover ideas for you to consider.

New Roof Installation

A Picture of a Birds Eye View of a Redish, Brownish Metal Roof

An Exterior Home Remodel Can Include a New Roof, Exterior Painting, Landscaping, Driveway Repair, and Patio Installation.

One of the biggest ways that you can improve the look of your home and increase the value is by getting a new roof. It is a very popular exterior home remodel option and for good reason–a new roof can really add more value to your home, decrease your heating bills, you can have a better ROI (Return on Investment), can make your home healthier, and keep you and your family safer. There are many roofing materials to choose from asphalt, metal, slate, and synthetic shingles, all of which have their own unique features that can give your home a different look and feel.

Exterior Painting

If the exterior walls of your home are brick and you are interested in brick house exterior makeover, one of the best things you can do to transform the look of the brick is by painting it. You can either paint it yourself or get a professional and we recommend you call a professional for help with your exterior painting in Cincinnati, OH. This is because painting the outside of a home can take a lot of time and it requires necessary prep work. With a fresh coat of paint, you will have a house exterior facelift that looks more modern and clean. However, you should always talk to an expert painter to make sure that your home will not only look good but that it’s the right move for you.


Home exterior makeovers don’t just include updating your roof and exterior walls, it can also include investing in new landscaping for your yard. Not only can landscaping add more curb appeal and increase the value of your property, but there are other health, environmental, and social objectives that make this a great exterior home remodel option. Your home can be a lot more private, you can control soil erosion, you can reduce noise, and have a beautiful yard where you can feel proud to entertain your friends and your family. It’s a contemporary home exterior makeover that has so many benefits that you will love.

Driveway Repair

While we don’t think a lot about our driveways, they are pretty visible when we look at our homes. If you have a driveway that has cracks or pieces of concrete or asphalt missing, it might be one of the things you consider for your home remodeling project. Your roof, landscaping, and exterior walls are really important, but even if they look good, a shoddy driveway can take away the focus of a good looking home. It doesn’t just affect the appearance of your home, it can also cause issues with your car’s tires and decrease the value of your home. For homeowners who have potholes and cracks in their driveway, it is something they should consider.

Patio Installation

If you are wanting to make your living space bigger, but you don’t want to touch the inside of your home, the best way you can achieve this is by getting a patio installed. There are so many reasons why a patio can really liven up your home–you are able to enjoy the outdoors even when it’s hot, you can have more space to entertain friends and family, and they are another way to increase your home’s value. It’s just another area where you have the option to entertain, relax, and enjoy the outdoors without having to touch the inside of your home.

For homeowners who want premium roofing installation in Cincinnati, OH as part of their exterior home remodel, call Allstate Roofing, LLC at 513-342-8544!

Are You Properly Taking Care Of Your Flat Roof?

Man Working On Roof

Flat Roofing Is More Prone To Water Damage Than Other Roofs.

Flat roofs typically need a little extra care in the beginning to make sure that they can handle everything that gets thrown their way. Rain and weather hit hard on a flat roof and specifically water has nowhere to go because there is no slope to roll off from. The roof you choose to put on a flat roof building is very important and will impact the way that your building functions and will determine how long the roof lasts as well. There are so many options that you can choose from that it can often be overwhelming. The good news is that most of the options that you have today are great ones and will protect your roof from things like water damage, dirt, and growing mold.

Types Of Flat Roofs

Foam RoofCommercial foam roofing installation is very popular because it is sprayed on and then creates a seamless cover that keeps water from coming through and ruining under your roof. This spray is great because if you need a roof leak repair, the spot can be sprayed over and the problem would be solved.

Metal Roof – Metal roofing is a solid option for any roof, but if you have a flat or slightly slipped roof, you could look into something like this. Metal is one of the strongest roofing materials you can get and will last you over 50 years.

Single Ply – Single ply roofing is one of the most common choices for flat roofing because it rolls on and it can do many different things. Some of them specialize in waterproofing and others are great at reflecting uv rays off of your roof.

Roof Coating – Roof coatings are something that can help to keep your roof protected for an even longer amount of time. They help to prevent mold growth, water leaking, and uv sun protection as well.

If you have a flat roof in Cincinnati, OH, give us a call at 513-342-8544 and we will be more than happy to help you.

Roofing Options That Provide The Best Protection For Your Home

Slate Roofing

Choose a Roof That Has Everything You Want.

When it comes to choosing a roofing material for your home, there are a lot of factors that you will want to take into consideration. One being the price and two, being what will keep your roof the most protected. You can’t go wrong getting a shingle roof replacement on your homes roof, but there are also so many other choices to pick from that will look great and last over 20 years like impact resistant shingles in Cincinnati, OH. Good news is that if you are on the fence about the different kinds that you can pick from, we have experts that can help you in any way that you need.

Types Of Roofing Material

Shingles – Shingles of any kind of a great choice and will be able to provide you with high-quality protection and typically for a better price than other options you might be looking at.

Slate – Slate roofing is the best of the best and it is for a reason. Slate can last on your roof for over 100 years with very minimal maintenance. It is also of very high quality so it looks great, but it also will keep your home as protected as some of the other materials that are out there.

3- Tab – 3 tab shingles are simple and straightforward on your roof. They do their job and offer affordable coverage for your roof.

Metal – Metal roofing is a solid option because it looks great on many roofs, but it also is a solid choice for weather issues.

When you are ready to get a new roof in Cincinnati, OH, call us at 513-342-8544 and let the professionals at Allstate Roofing, LLC take the best care of you.

How To Prepare Your Roof For a Storm?

People have a bad habit of hearing a storm warning and assuming that it will turn out to be nothing. This happens all too often and then when the storm does hit, it leaves peoples homes in shambles because they were not prepared. Making sure that you are prepared is very important. Below is a list of ways you can get your roof prepared for a storm.

Tips To Get Your Roof Prepared For a Storm


If a Storm Is Coming, Get Prepared.

Take Notes – What we mean by this is that a storm might end up causing a lot of damage, so take a look at the things around your house in case there ends up being a storm and you have to file a claim of damaged things.

Secure Your Windows And Doors – If you are in the middle of a huge storm and a window becomes broken or door flies open, it will increase all of the pressure in your home and if the storm is bad enough the pressure can make a hole in your roof.

Cut Away Tree– Before a storm, make sure that you cut away trees and pick up large branches that might be lying around. These can end up on your roof and rip off shingles or puncture holes in it.

What Kind Of Damage Can a Storm Do To Your Roof?

Storms are completely unpredictable and you never know just what they are capable of doing. There have been many times where a storm has caused people to have to have an entire residential roof replacement. Storms can also knock the power out in your home. Generator installation would be extremely helpful in the event that a future storm knocks your power out. If you find yourself in a situation where your power goes out during a storm, do not ever go outside and try to turn in back on. The safest place that you can be during a storm is in a shelter or inside your home.

When you need to prepare your roof for a storm in Cincinnati, OH, contact Allstate Roofing, LLC at 513-342-8544 and we can do an inspection. If you need our help after a storm, call us right away and we will be there for you.

Can You Benefit From A Roof Coating?

When your roof system begins to show signs of wear and tear, you may be tempted to complete a full replacement. Roof coatings offer a great alternative to roof replacement, and, in many cases, can provide complete protection from the elements. However, there are points to consider before applying a roof coating.

Roof Coatings Not Only Preserve Your Roof But Offer Many New Defenses, as Well.


Restoration can repair many damages on a roof system. Restoration coatings can eliminate small abrasions, separation problems, and water damage. However, roof coatings won’t work for bigger problems like holes, large abrasions, and serious separation problems. If your roof system is missing material, this material will need to be replaced before applying the roof coating for optimal results.


Roof coatings can provide a uniform, vibrant appearance to any roof. Its bright white or tinted color can bring life back to a drab, overworn roof system. But, the natural look of shingles, wood, or tile will be lost to the uniform coverage of the coating.


Roof coatings are known for offering unbeatable protection against water, wind, UV rays, and much more. In fact, coating your roof system can enhance its UV protection by up to 40 percent, lowering energy costs and premature damages. Coatings will offer protection for up to 10 years but will have to be reapplied to sustain its protective qualities.

Whether you have a shingle roof or a metal system, just about any roof material can be improved with the help of a restorative roof coating. These coatings offer complete protection while delivering a new, uniform appearance that really lasts. For best results with your roof coating, call the Allstate Roofing, LLC experts for advice on the best formula and expert application for maximum results. Call us now at 513-342-8544 to learn more.

3 Essential Reasons to Schedule Your Roof Inspections

Minor Fixes

Take Care of Those Minor Fixes During Your Annual Roof Inspections!

No, homeowner guides aren’t blowing smoke when they recommend you set up annual roof inspections for your residence. There are many reasons to call your trusted roofer each year, some of which may surprise you. Here are the top three reasons why you should schedule that inspection each year.

Reason #1: You Can Avoid Expensive Repairs

Most homeowners are doing it wrong. Too many people only schedule their roof inspections after they notice a problem with their home. While nothing is wrong with getting an expert opinion for your problems, most expensive repairs can be prevented (or at least delayed) through regular inspections and preventative maintenance.

Reason #2: Many Businesses Offer Inspections for Free

FREE! There’s no better price than free. What if you could get free checkups from your doctor? Well you can’t, but roofers are much more amenable to providing inspections for free. While it helps them generate new business, it also affords you the opportunity to learn how healthy your roof is.

Reason #3: It’s an Untapped Opportunity

Inspections are the perfect time to carpe some diem. Think about it: you have an experienced professional conveniently at your home that can give you the scoop on the latest roofing styles and enhancements! Next time your roofing inspector drops by, take advantage of their knowledge and start planning your upcoming roof replacement. That way you can start saving years in advance. By the time you actually need a new roof, you might even be able to upgrade to impact resistant shingles or a metal roof!

If you’d like some more tips on how to get the most out of your yearly roof inspections, why don’t you give our experts a call at513-342-8544? They’d be happy to answer any of your questions!

What Do I Do If My Home Suffers Storm Damage?

With the change of seasons, from winter to spring, comes the rebirth of trees and plant life, warmer weather and longer days. However spring time can also bring about severe changes in the weather. Thunderstorms, extreme rain and wind and even tornadoes all pose a threat to the health of your home and roof. As a homeowner, the weather can be unpredictable, so it is important to plan ahead and know what steps to take in the event of a severe weather outbreak. Here are a few helpful tips and suggestions for you to follow if your home has suffered storm damage.

Storm Damage Can Be Caused By Wind, Rain, Fallen Trees and Debris

1. Inspect and Analyze Any Damage to Your Home and Roof.

The first thing to do in the vent that your home or roof has been damages is to asses the damage. Assessing the damage will help you discuss repair options with your insurance or contractor and help you avoid any unexpected costs. Try doing this inspection during the daytime if possible so that you are able to see any big or small areas of wear or damage. Take notes and document where the damage occurred and to what severity. in some cases, only a few shingles or flashing may be missing.

2. Make Any Temporary Fixes That You Can

If the damaged area of your roof or home is in or near a living area, your personal property can be even more damages due to water leaks. Be sure to remove any valuables from the damaged areas and place a bucket or trash can under any dripping water to prevent further damage. Have an emergency plastic tarp or wooden boards set aside to repair any large holes or opening.

3. Call Your Insurance Company ASAP

Try and contact your insurance company as soon as possible. If the damage is large enough it may be covered under your homeowners insurance. It may be more or less costly to hire a contractor directly for repairs, so be sure to get a quote. If the damage was caused by a natural disaster it may be better to go through your homeowners insurance then to try and fix it yourself or hiring a contractor.

4. Hire a Reliable Contractor to Repair the Damage

In the event that the damage is not covered through your insurance, it may be necessary to hire a private contractor. Stay away from any contractors who are not local and avoid the “Storm Chasers”, contractors who are in the area only because of the storm damage. These type of contractors are just taking advantage of the situation and are not a reliable source to provide quality service.

Well there you have it, follow these tips to insure that your home is repaired promptly and professionally. Allstate Roofing, LLC is the name to remember if you find yourself in need of a reliable, professional and quality craftsmanship in Cincinnati, OH. Contact us at  513-342-8544 to schedule an appointment today.

The Right Roof for Your Home

When it’s time to choose a residential roof material, your options can seem never-ending. However, with such a wide variety to choose from, chances are that there is a roofing material that fits your every need. Knowing a little about your options can help you get on the right track to find it.

Let Our Experts Help YOu Find the Perfect Material.

We Can Provide Multiple Effective Options for Your New Roofing System.

Shingle Selection

Believe it or not, even shingles have a plethora of options in today’s market. From color options to style choices, the selections go on forever. These basic guidelines refer to the most popular shingle selections.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are still the most affordable selection of any type, and present average resistance to weather, debris, and other dangers. If your home is located in a region with little severe weather, these shingles may be great for you.

Impact Resistant

These shingles are available in almost as many colors and textures as standard asphalt shingles but have been quality tested to withstand phenomenal impact pressure. If you live near a forested area or have a lot of hail, this material could be very beneficial.

Architectural Shingles

When you want a little extra in the appearance of your shingles, this option is for you. These shingles deliver an undeniable dimensional appearance and resist weather and outside hazards slightly better than standard shingles.

Synthetic Shingles

When you want extra protection and the look of premium materials like tile, wood, or slate, these shingles are the ideal selection. They offer extreme resistance to weather and water, and can even offer protection from UV rays.

Metal Options

Metal roofing is available in multiple types and styles, from traditional metal sheets to stone coated metal shingles that can appear as wood, slate, or tile. Metal roofing is known for being unbeatably durable and low maintenance but does cost more upon installation.

Wood Shakes

If you’re going for aesthetics, this is the roof you’ve been looking for. No other roofing material can provide the pure, natural beauty and durability of a wood roof. However, the price tag is hefty with this material as is the maintenance requirement. But, if properly taken care of, your roof could last decades without losing its appeal.

Your residential roof options go on and on, each offering separate advantages and benefits. The Allstate Roofing, LLC roofing professionals can offer accurate material information along with flawless installation so you can be sure you will always end up with a residential roof you love. Call us now at 513-342-8544.