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Your most substantial investment is your home. The Allstate Roofing, LLC experts ensure it’s always in great shape with our experienced residential roofing experts. Our experienced roofing specialists deliver service for all roofing systems and materials for a roof that lasts. Contact 513-342-8544 to find out more about our home roofing services offered in Dayton, OH.

Your Roof Service Providers

Your weak or damaged roof can cause major issues like water leaks, seam separation, and even rot. get your roofing system back to near-new condition. No matter what type of roof service you need, from roof replacement to residential roof repair, our experts are here. Our professionals are experienced in every type of residential roofing so we can always deliver excellent workmanship. We work with you to provide details and guidance throughout the roofing process so you are sure to end up with a roof you love.

  • Roof Installation Get your money’s worth when you call our experts for your roof installation.
  • Roof Inspections Our expert inspections deliver an accurate representation of your roof system.
  • Roof Replacement Learn about your replacement choices and get impeccable installation.
  • Roof Repair Our professionals deliver roof repair to all styles of residential roofing materials.

Residential Roofing Solutions

Selecting the ideal roof system for your home can be both overwhelming and frustrating. There seems to be a never ending selection of materials available, each with individual advantages. Our roofing experts provide detailed information about your material choices including the benefits, costs, and lifespan of each, to ensure you are able to make an educated decision for your home’s roof. No matter if you want the low maintenance requirements of a metal roof or you like the design and cost of synthetic shingles, our experts can help you identify the exact design, color, and texture for your home. Call us today at 513-342-8544 to find out about all of your residential roofing options throughout Dayton, OH and how our team of professionals can help.

  • Premium Roof Systems Get reinforced protection from the elements with the same traditional appearance.
  • Synthetic Shingles These shingles are resistant to water, wind, and other outside hazards and offer the appearance of wood, tile, or slate.
  • Slate Roofing This roofing material offers unbeatable resistance to an entire lifetime.
  • Asphalt Shingles These shingles provide a low cost and minimal maintenance.

Metal Roofing Experts

Metal roof solutions on your home can minimize cost and maximize benefits. These roofing systems require only minimal maintenance, and seldom require repair services once installed. These roofs deliver impact, water, and wind resistance, and additionally offer considerable UV protection to decrease your energy costs. Our professionals can discuss all of your metal roofing choices with you to make sure you get the roof and resistance you want. Contact our professionals about metal roof solutions in the Dayton, OH area by calling 513-342-8544.

  • Aluminum Roofing Learn how this cost-effective material can resist weather, wind, and even rust.
  • Metal Shingle For the look of prime materials like wood, slate, and tile at a fraction of the price, consider metal shingles.
  • Stone Coated Steel Get unbeatable protection for your roof with a softer, customized appearance.
  • Standing Seam Metal Protect your home from leaks, UV rays, and more with this affordable roof material.

Emergency Roof Solutions

Our Emergency Repair Services Can Save You Hundreds.When your roofing system has suffered major damage, you need a reliable residential roofer who can fix it fast. Our roofing professionals complete your emergency roof care with no stress to you to get your home back in order fast. We complete a full inspection of your entire roof system including the materials, underlayment, and gutters to ensure that even hard to see damages are identified. We will provide emergency repair of all of your roof’s holes or bare sections, and provide guidance with navigating your insurance claim. Our professionals can also complete services for other major situations such as cave-ins caused by faulty air conditioners or heaters, animal nesting damage, and much more! Speak with our experts at 513-342-8544 whether you need a few repairs or your home has suffered major storm damage. We can assist you with any residential roofing service in Dayton, OH.

  • Wind Damage Roof Repair Find out how our full wind damage repair service can save your roof system.
  • Roof Insurance Claims Help Our professionals can guide you through your claims process for faster processing.
  • Emergency Roof Repair We offer emergency roof repair, no matter if your damage is from a storm or an animal.
  • Hail Damage Roof Repair Find out how our team can save you hundreds with timely hail damage repair.
  • Roof Leaks Find out how timely repair of your leaky roof can save you hundreds.
  • Storm Damage Roof Repair When a serious storm damages your roofing system, our professionals will repair it quickly to reduce damage and cost.

For residential roofing service in Dayton, OH there’s no better team than the Allstate Roofing, LLC experts. Discover all of our home roofing services or schedule your appointment at 513-342-8544.